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Group 4: Comprehensive Problems

  • 1.David and Darlene Jasper have one child, Sam, who is 6 years old (birthdate July 1, 2013). The Jaspers reside at 4639 Honeysuckle Lane, Los Angeles, CA 90248. David’s Social Security number is 577-11-3311, Darlene’s is 477-98-4731, and Sam’s is 589-22-1142. David’s birthdate is May 29, 1986 and Darlene’s birthday is January 31, 1988. David and Darlene’s earnings and withholdings for 2019 are:
    David:Earnings from Apple Company (office manager)$26,600Federal income tax withheld800State income tax withheld1,050Darlene:Earnings from Rose Company (perfume tester)$25,500Federal income tax withheld1,050State income tax withheld1,000Their other income includes interest from Pine Tree Savings and Loan of $1,900. Other information and expenditures for 2019 are as follows:
    Interest:On home acquisition mortgage$11,312Credit card925Taxes:Property taxes on personal residence1,300State income taxes paid in 2019 (for 2018)315Contribution (with written acknowledgement) to church1,045Medical insurance675Medical and dental expenses6,175Income tax return preparation fee paid in 2019200Actual general state sales tax for 20191,016Payment of union dues225Contribution to David’s IRA1,000David and Darlene received the following letter from Sam’s daycare provider:
    An image shows a letter from Kiddiecare Inc., 10250, Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90067, EIN: 13-3345678 to David and Darlene Jasper, 4639 Honeysuckle Lane, Los Angeles, CA 90248 with the cost of daycare services during the year 2019 dated on January 14, 2020. The amount, between 1/1/2019 to 8/25/2019 is $3,429.00 for the child, Sam Jasper. Marcia Clarke, the Director of Kiddiecare Inc., has digitally signed it.Enlarge Image
    • Required: Complete the Jaspers’ federal tax return for 2019. Use Form 1040, Schedule 1, Schedule 3, Schedule A, Schedule B, Form 2441, and Form 8880, as needed. Make realistic assumptions about any missing data.
  • 2A. Steve Jackson (birthdate December 13, 1966) is a single taxpayer living at 3215 Pacific Dr., Apt. B, Pacific Beach, CA 92109. His Social Security number is 465-88-9415. In 2019, Steve’s earnings and income tax withholding as laundry attendant of a local hotel are:
    Earnings from the Ocean View Hotel$21,900Federal income tax withheld219State income tax withheld100Steve has a daughter, Janet, from a previous marriage. Janet is 11 years old (Social Security number 654-12-6543). Steve provides all Janet’s support. Also living with Steve is his younger brother, Michael (Social Security number 667-21-8998). Michael, age 47, is unable to care for himself due to a disability. On a reasonably regular basis, Steve has a care giver come to the house to help with Michael. He uses a company called HomeAid, 456 La Jolla Dr., San Diego, CA 92182 (EIN 17-9876543). Steve made payments of $1,000 to HomeAid in 2019. Janet receives free after-school care provided by the local school district.
    Required: Complete Steve’s federal tax return for 2019. Use Form 1040, Schedule 3, Form 2441, Child Tax Credit Worksheet, Form 8812, EITC Worksheet A, and Schedule EIC.