Which was a precedent set by George Washington in his first term as president?

Which was a precedent set by George Washington in his first term as president? A.He lived in the White House.B.He created the first political party.C.He appointed a cabinet of advisers.D.He wore his general’s uniform. Which belief was shared by both Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson? A.George Washington was an ineffective president.B.The America system of government is worth protecting.C.Ordinary people should not rule themselves.D.Strong central governments are dangerousWhich statement accurately describes the significance of the War of 1812? A.France regained New Orleans after a victory by Napoleon’s army.B.The United States gained territory in Mexico and annexed Texas.C.President James Madison was impeached by Congress over his handling of the war.D.England realized that the United States would remain an independent nation. Which statements correctly describe the expansion of the United States between 1789 and 1850?Choose all answers that are correct.A.The United States went to war with Britain to gain the Oregon Territory.B.The United States doubled in size by purchasing the Louisiana Territory from France.C.The United States purchased and signed treaties for land but never went to war to gain territory.D.The United States acquired a large portion of the Southwest after a war with Mexico.Which statement accurately describes the term Manifest Destiny?A.American citizens should be free to immigrate to Mexico and Canada.B.Native Americans should be allowed to set up their own tribal governments.C.The United States had a right to take control of South American nations.D.The United States had a duty to spread democracy across the continent. Which occurred as the result of building new roads and canals throughout the country in the early 1800s? A.High taxes made the new routes unprofitable.B.Towns and industries grew near transportation centers.C.Foreign tourists flocked to the United States.D.Farmers suffered from higher shipping costs. How did railroads have an advantage over canals and roads in the early 1800s? A.They were less expensive to build and operate.B.They were not hampered by timetables or regulations.C.They had a better safety record than canal boats.D.They could haul heavy goods and people more quickly. Which title best describes the list of circumstances given below?• New inventions made it faster to produce goods by machine than by human labor.• Many people moved to areas where factories and textile mills were built.• Many workers came together in one building to manufacture goods.• The way people lived and worked changed dramatically.A.Progressive EraB.Gilded AgeC.RenaissanceD.Industrial Revolution Who was the first common man to be elected president of the United States? A.John AdamsB.Andrew JacksonC.George WashingtonD.John Quincy Adams Which are correct descriptions of the Mormon religion and its founders?Choose all answers that are correct.A.Stephen Douglas urged Mormons to stay in Illinois and fight for their rights.B.Mormons faced harassment in the East because they practiced polygamy.C.Brigham Young led the Mormons west to Utah to escape persecution.D.Joseph Smith was murdered in Utah by disgruntled members of his church.Which is an accurate description of a tactic used by the Cherokees to keep white settlers from taking their land? A.They formed an alliance with other tribes and sent representatives to Congress.B.They destroyed their crops to make the land worthless to whites.C.They asked the British to help them fight the United States.D.They adopted some European customs and tried to fit in with white neighbors. Which is the correct sequence of events in Texas history?1. Texas rebels were wiped out by Mexican forces at the Alamo.2. Sam Houston defeated Santa Anna and became president of the Republic of Texas.3. Stephen Austin led white American settlers into Texas.4. Texas was admitted to the Union as a slave state.A.2, 4, 3, 1B.3, 1, 2, 4C.4, 3, 1, 2D.1, 2, 4, 3 Which explains why Congress passed the Indian Removal Act in 1830? A.The Indian tribes refused to adopt white ways of life or care for their children.B.Congress overruled President Andrew Jackson’s attempt to protect the Indian tribes.C.The Supreme Court ordered Congress to remove Indian tribes from the East.D.Whites wanted to take control of the Indian tribes’ valuable land in the East. Which explains why the United States went to war with Mexico in 1846? A.Many Americans believed Mexico was about to invade Florida.B.Many Americans accepted the idea of Manifest Destiny.C.Many Americans hoped to make Mexico a new state.D.Many Americans wanted to own Mexican slaves. Which new means of sending messages long distance put the Pony Express out of business after just 18 months of operation? A.telegraphB.stagecoachC.clipper shipsD.U.S. Postal Service Which explains how merchants such as Levi Strauss became wealthy during the California Gold Rush? A.Merchants ran their stores at night and panned for gold during the day.B.Miners had no paper money so they used gold nuggets to pay for goods.C.Government taxes and regulations forced competitors out of business.D.Demand for items in short supply allowed merchants to charge high prices. Why did American settlers in Texas have conflict with the Mexican government during the 1830s? A.The Mexican government insisted that settlers move to territory farther south.B.American settlers owned slaves, which violated Mexican law.C.The Mexican government refused to allow settlers to establish farms or ranches.D.American settlers who were Catholic could not vote or own property. Which statement about the rights African Americans were guaranteed before the Civil War is true? A.They enjoyed very few or no civil rights at all.B.They could own property and serve on juries.C.They were considered equal to all other citizens.D.They could attend school and serve in the army. Which term accurately describes William Lloyd Garrison? A.secessionistB.frontiersmanC.abolitionistD.slaveholder Which describes a difference between the South and the North that grew larger after 1820? A.The North’s population grew at a faster rate than the South’s.B.The South’s economy was more industrial than the North’s.C.The South’s railroad network was larger than the North’s.D.The North’s power in Congress became weaker than the South’s. Which two measures taken by the federal government were attempts to preserve the Union in the face of a bitter quarrel over slavery? A.Tariff of 1828 and Kansas-Nebraska ActB.Homestead Act and Monroe DoctrineC.Gadsden Purchase and Northwest OrdinanceD.Missouri Compromise and Compromise of 1850 Which term describes the pre-Civil War, loose-knit organization that helped runaway slaves escape to Canada? A.Great AwakeningB.Temperance UnionC.Free Soil PartyD.Underground Railroad Which statements reflect northern, but not southern, views in 1860?Choose all answers that are correct.A.States should ignore federal laws they believe are unconstitutional.B.Slavery should be abolished throughout the country.C.Factory owners should be punished for mistreating workers.D.The federal government should have more power than the states.Which describes a border state at the time of the Civil War? A.a free state that joined the ConfederacyB.a slave state that seceded from the UnionC.a slave state that stayed in the UnionD.a free state that lies next to a slave state Which general led the Union to victory in the Civil War? A.Ulysses S. GrantB.Robert E. LeeC.Stonewall JacksonD.George B. McClellan Which term refers to a soldier in the northern, or Union, army during the Civil War? A.Forty-NinerB.RebelC.Free SoilerD.Yankee Which definition of the term secession is correct?A.agreement to form an organizationB.withdrawal from membership in a unionC.compliance with the terms of an agreementD.authority to legally inherit property Which definition of the term secession is correct?A.agreement to form an organizationB.withdrawal from membership in a unionC.compliance with the terms of an agreementD.authority to legally inherit property Which Virginian left the U.S. army to lead Confederate forces out of loyalty to his state? A.Ulysses S. GrantB.Robert E. LeeC.Jefferson DavisD.George B. McClellan Which slaves were freed by President Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation? A.all slaves within the United States’ bordersB.only the slaves in the border statesC.all slaves north of the Mason-Dixon LineD.only the slaves in Confederate territory Which does not describe a social or economic problem facing the United States at the end of the Civil War?A.Four million freed slaves had nowhere to go, no jobs, and no education.B.The former Confederate states had no local governments, courts, or police.C.The federal government refused to lend any assistance to the South.D.Southern cities, farms, factories, and transportation systems were ruined. Which describes an impact of President Abraham Lincoln’s assassination in the North? A.Most Northerners believed that Andrew Johnson would be a stronger president.B.Many Northerners believed that the South should now be allowed to secede.C.Many Northerners blamed the South for his death and demanded vengeance.D.Most Northerners blamed Lincoln for the war and were relieved that he was gone. Which describes Abraham Lincoln’s belief about the meaning of the Civil War? A.A Confederate victory would prove that industry and cities were bad for a country’s economy.B.A Confederate victory would prove that the United States was too big to survive as a nation.C.A Union victory would prove that God loved the North more than the South.D.A Union victory would prove that a country based on liberty and equality could succeed. Which natural feature is located at 36°N, 113°W?A.Channel IslandsB.Black HillsC.Mount HoodD.Grand Canyon Which river flows south from the Rocky Mountains to form the U.S. border with Mexico?A.Snake RiverB.Colorado RiverC.Arkansas RiverD.Rio Grande Which means did some southern whites use to deny blacks justice during Reconstruction? A.They passed laws denying blacks voting rights.B.They forced blacks to attend white schools.C.They outlawed groups such as the Ku Klux Klan.D.They passed the 15th Amendment. Which describes a disadvantage of the sharecropping system? A.Sharecroppers were trapped in a cycle of poverty and debt.B.Carpetbaggers ended up owning the most productive land.C.Land owners were prohibited from making a profit.D.Government officials could not collect taxes on farm produce. Which describes why the 13th Amendment was passed? A.to give people who did not own property the right to voteB.to abolish slavery in the United StatesC.to give women the same political rights as menD.to force Union soldiers to leave the South Which describes an outcome of the passage of the 14th Amendment? A.States lost power to the federal government.B.The president lost power to the Supreme Court.C.Congress lost power to the states.D.The Supreme Court lost power to Congress. In which way did the 14th Amendment change the balance of power in the United States? A.The federal government gained the power to protect individual rights in all states.B.The states gained the power to declare federal laws unconstitutional.C.Congress gained the power to impeach state legislators and governors.D.The president gained the power to nullify state laws. Which statement about impeachment under the U.S. Constitution is true? A.The Supreme Court decides whether a law passed by Congress is constitutional.B.The Senate acts as jury in the trial of a government official accused of serious misconduct.C.The president demands the resignation of a Supreme Court justice he disagrees with.D.The House of Representatives removes a sitting president from office by a two-thirds majority.

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