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Question 1
During the Great Depression of the 1930s, the national governmentAnswer provided vast sums to business firms to keep them out of bankruptcy. provided health care to Americans on a temporary basis as a means of alleviating economic hardships. asserted the power to regulate the nation’s economy. provided vast sums to the states so they could meet their citizens’ welfare needs. utilized laissez-faire capitalism in its policies.
The Greek words demos and kratis together meanAnswer majority rule is sacred. the people rule. government is good. politics is immoral. the king is good.
________ referred to his victory in the presidential election as the “Revolution of 1800”.Answer John Adams Andrew Jackson John Marshall Thomas Jefferson James Madison
The origin of the concept of separation of powers is most associated withAnswer Montesquieu. Aristotle. Hobbes. Locke. Jefferson.
In an oligarchy,Answer the state is run by corporate interests and companies instead of individuals. control rests with a small group of popularly elected individuals. control rests with a single individual, such as a dictator. control rests with a small group, such as military officers or a few wealthy families. the state controls all aspects of individuals’ lives, including family relations and the practice of religion.
Sovereignty refers toAnswer a government headed by a king. a division of authority between the national government and the states. supreme and final governing authority. sub-national (state) governments. None of these answers is correct.
Fiscal federalism refers to theAnswer coordinated fiscal policy decisions of the federal government and the states. expenditure of federal funds on programs run in part through state and local governments. national banking system first established by Alexander Hamilton in the 1790s. fact that both the federal government and the states have the power to tax. ability of the states to manipulate federal decision making.
Early Americans’ preference for limited government was strengthened byAnswer their exposure to life under the British Parliament and some of the “rights of Englishmen”. Lockean philosophy. Britain’s treatment of the colonies after the French and Indian War. taxation without representation. All these answers are correct.
McCulloch v. MarylandAnswer ruled in favor of state-centered federalism. asserted that the necessary and proper clause was a restriction on the power of the national government. affirmed that national law is supreme to conflicting state law. established the Supreme Court’s power to judge constitutional issues. allowed for a narrow reading of the Constitution.
Enormous concentrations of wealth and power exist in the U.S. private sector, primarily in the hands ofAnswer the top 1 percent. elite political families such as the Kennedys and the Bushes. middle class Americans. small businesses. large corporations.
The inalienable rights enumerated in the Declaration of Independence areAnswer life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. liberty, equality, and fraternity. life, liberty, and property. life and property only. equality and liberty only.
The writers of the Constitution used the term ________ to describe a form of government that consists of carefully designed institutions that are responsive to the majority but not captive to it.Answer democracy republic federalism majoritarianism separation of power
Progressive reforms includedAnswer primary elections. direct election of U.S. senators. the initiative and referendum. recall elections. All these answers are correct.
Through its Dred Scott decision, the Supreme CourtAnswer ruled that “free land” made “free men”. upheld free blacks’ rights of citizenship. upheld the principles of the Missouri Compromise. soothed sectarian tensions. ruled that Congress could not outlaw slavery anywhere in the United States.
Viewed in historical terms, federalism has been aAnswer contentious and dynamic system that has adapted to the needs of the time. theoretical principle, in that constitutional provisions for federalism have had virtually no impact on the relationship between the nation and the states. flawed principle, in that the relationship between the nation and the states has been a constant source of problems without many positive benefits. fixed principle, in that the relationship between the nation and states is almost completely defined by provisions of the Constitution. poor replacement for the confederal system which existed before the Constitution.
The Constitution prevents the government from suspending the writ of habeas corpus, meaning that the government cannotAnswer prosecute persons for acts that were legal at the time they were committed. establish a state religion based on Christian beliefs. enact laws that would legalize the practice of indentured servitude. jail a person without a court hearing to determine the legality of his or her imprisonment. silence freedom of the press.
________ is the ability of persons, groups, or institutions to influence political developments.Answer Apathy Politics Power Liberty Political culture
The European philosopher whose concept of natural rights had a great impact on American politics isAnswer Montesquieu. Locke. Hobbes. Aristotle. Burke.
Which of the following characterizes journalist Walter Lippmann’s views on democracy?Answer He felt that well-funded private interest groups and lobbyists had taken the true majoritarian power of democracy away from the voting public. He felt that modern democratic government had become an unhealthy, pluralistic enterprise. He believed that among forms of government, only democracy could provide a citizen with the ability to be a “progressive being”. He worried that most citizens are too uninformed to play the role democracy assigns them. None of these answers is correct.
The Constitution forbids Congress fromAnswer proposing constitutional amendments passing ex post facto laws. declaring war. proposing the repeal of constitutional amendments. creating a national university.
In his criticism of the Constitution, the economist Charles Beard argued thatAnswer the Constitution’s elaborate systems of power and representation were designed to protect the interests of the rich. the Constitution failed to protect the economic interests of the poorer states. the Constitution’s commerce clause was inadequate to meet the nation’s economic needs. the Constitution did not provide for sufficient protection of property. the Constitution gave too much power to the illiterate.
A public policy program on which national, state, and local policymakers collaborate is an example ofAnswer dual federalism. cooperative federalism. unitary federalism. confederal federalism. cosponsor federalism.
In Lochner v. New York (1905), the Supreme Court ruled thatAnswer the doctrine of separate but equal was constitutional. state regulation of labor practices violated firms’ property rights. the Fourth Amendment did not apply to interstate commerce. factory practices could only be regulated by the states. factory practices could only be regulated by the federal government.
Dual federalism held thatAnswer the states were equal to the national government in all respects. a precise separation of national and state authority was both possible and desirable. national and state authority were indivisible. the Senate and the House were equal in their federal authority. None of these answers is correct.
According to the Anti-Federalists, too strong of a national government meantAnswer eventual encroachment upon the sovereignty of the states. that a new constitutional convention would have to convene every few years. that a monarchy was preferable to a republic. that effective commerce between and among the states was an impossibility. that slavery would be abolished immediately.
Which of the following is most closely related to the concept of implied powers?Answer necessary and proper clause supremacy clause Tenth Amendment the commerce clause the power to tax
The Bill of Rights added to the Constitution, among other things,Answer a guarantee of freedom of speech. a division of governmental authority into three branches. checks and balances among the three branches of government. restrictions against the power of corporations to influence the election process. term limits for elected officials to reduce their power.
The writers of the Constitution established a federal system of government in part becauseAnswer the states already existed as established entities and had to be preserved. a federal government alone would never be able to command the identity or loyalty of its citizenry. Locke and Montesquieu had concluded it was superior to other systems of government. the British political system was based on the federal principle. the states would be valuable sources of revenue for a federal government.
Through the grants of power in the Constitution, the framers sought toAnswer define the powers of state governments. create a government in which sovereignty was invested in the national government only. both empower government and limit it. enumerate the rights of individuals. abolish slavery.
The period of dual federalism (1865-1937) was marked byAnswer congressional supremacy in the area of commerce. state-government supremacy in the area of commerce. presidential supremacy in the area of commerce. business supremacy in the area of commerce. national supremacy in the area of commerce.
Sociologist C. Wright Mills was a proponent of the theory ofAnswer pluralism. elitism. majoritarianism. bureaucratic rule. None of these answers is correct.
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