• Write a obituary for yourself, a lost pet or a family member or make up a person.
  • This should be at least 400+ words.
  • Items that should be included in obituary:
  1. Write an obituary (you can use yourself or make up a person) You might feel a little intimidated writing your own obit, and you would not be alone, writing about oneself is hard
    1. b. Think of it as a final letter you’re writing to your family and friends
  2. What would you want written about you after your gone – make sure they’re remembering you the way you want to be remembered
  3. Write the story of your life – figure out how you want to live your life
    1. What do you want your obituary to say about you and your life
  4. Be creative
    1. Mix seriousness with humor
  5. Include:
    1. Name and any nicknames you were called
    2. Age
    3. Dates (birthday/day of death and dates of any life-changing events)
    4.  Cause of death
    5. List of loved ones (spouse, children, other family members, friends)
    6. Details:
      1. Education
      2. Work/occupation
      3.  Degrees
      4.  Awards
        1. Volunteering
      5. Military
    7. Hobbies or special interest
    8. Special trips
    9. Funeral arrangements
      1. Times
      2. Location
      3. Burial arrangements
    10. Positivity
      1. inspire and encourage others
      2. send farewell to friends/family